Misdirected Pride

by Khufu Mehity

Stepping stones as stable as cubes of ice in water
I think about my younger days and I thank Yahweh the father.
Foolish and prideful, I must have been,
Wearing those colors and worshipping sin.
If I had only realized the part I played,
I was just a club in a game of spades.
Oh! how important, I thought I was,
Defending my honor, for I was a Cuz.
One day I asked, "What as the reason,
Who was I foolin', who was I pleasin'?"
It wasn't my parents, to whom I gave no respect,
But to the color, to which I swore to protect.
If I had heroes, the like of you,
I wouldn't be in this concrete zoo.
Somehow you managed, to get on top,
Now that you're there, don't give up or stop.
Keeping on fighting, until my brothers and sisters are free,
You must start with the children, and the cable TV.
Teach them self-respect and to have inner pride,
Show them the things that the white man hides.
Give them their culture, to rise above.
Teach them about hate, but show them love.
Help them understand human abuse,
And how it stems for racism's hidden use.
Explain how justice works for a few,
And how often time it's against you.
Not because you're wrong, but because you are right.
Tell them to stand up tall, and never give up the fight.
I guess you can say my battle is almost done.
I have given up partying, and my mission has begun.
As I sit here in this cage of steal,
Hurt and shame, I do feel.
If I would have known the seriousness of my mission,
I can guarantee you, I wouldn't be in this position.
Listen to this, before you go on your way,
The future of tomorrow, are the children of today.

Misdirected Pride by Khufu Mehity

© Copyright 1989. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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