Where Are Their Mothers?

by Keena Diaspora

What the hell is up with these little girls?
And where in the world are their mothers?

Because it disturbs me to sit here quietly
And watch them parade around like prostitutes
Hanging all over these young brothers

Like these brothers got jobs
Like these brothers got anything else on their minds
Besides girls slobbing their knobs

These brothers are still wet behind the ears
Filled with a hundred and one fears 
Thatís why they wear PINK T-SHIRTS
Following behind their peers

While girls follow behind them to the mall

Man, when I was their†age
Chasing boys was my downfall

ďWouldnít it be nice to have a baby maybeĒ
Was aborted cause he wanted to play football

Where was my mother?

Not for the little shit
Like sneaking on lipstick
But for the big shit 
Like suicide fits

Where are the mothers
While brothers are sneaking in their houses
Feeling tits?

Where are the mothers for the missed periods
The clinic?

Where are the mothers for the vaginal itch
Cause they contracted herpes or trich?

Where are the mothers 
When they start buying cigarettes
Black & Milds and spliffs?
Vodka, Hennessey, and other drinks thatís stiff?

Where are the mothers when these girls
Decide to strip?

Where are the mothers on these trips
To the mall to shoplift?

We always get on the fathers
But mothers play a part in this too
And I know some mothers are away at work
But still thatís no excuse
To let their girls parade around town like prostitutes

And I know youíre shaking your head 
Agreeing with me
Believing that the mother in question isnít you 

While youíre at work you think you know 
Exactly what your daughters do

Paying attention to details on resumes only
Paying attention to details on resumes 
Instead of your daughterís life

Where Are Their Mothers? by Keena Diaspora

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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