The Craving

by ~Karyl~

I miss his visual
Not caught up in something entirely physical
there's no denying the drastic inhalation
of insecurity that almost choked me 
when he chose to disappear
I want him near
No amount of high-speed technology efficiently warms
like the blanket of quilted energy 
that he gives with his presence
My daily present
Pre sent?
I suspect that because I was unsure
about living independently
He arrived to use the superheroic magnificence of his ways
and out of gratitude for each blessed day
become my community
Reasons be as they may, 
he stimulated my saddened spirit
by loving holistically
No begging necessary
Blessing me with qualities I could not have forseen
had I chosen to screen all those who enter my sphere
on their way to my heart
Island style goodness as a soulful treat
Tall glass of passion topped off with 
sweet, refreshing smoothness
Guaranteed to leave you in a drunken stupor

Shame on a sista

I am now left with alphabetized memories
running through my mind 
dodging Time who wants to pack them away
Blur them with age
Replace them with the possibility
that his magic is a fallacy
because this sobering reality
is no longer offset by his smile
I want his visual I want his visual
I miss him here
Hello my name is...
and I'm addicted to having him near

The Craving by ~Karyl~

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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