Ghost Stories

by Grace C. Joyner

After reading all the best
of ghost stories none the less
I'm not afraid I'll do my best
To fall asleep and get some rest.
Me alone in this house
Except for the occasional mouse
No cats here to pounce
Or dogs to feed by the ounce.
The story I say brought me laughter
I grinned through each and every chapter
Of souls winding through dark hallways
Of their pranks and their escapades
Of ghost ships tossed by waves
Visioned by few in the glades
Headless men and forever damned creatures
These just some of the features
Of the book that lay on my nightstand
Crumpled old book putting forth ideas grand.

Like I said I'm in the house all alone
This quaint old brick house I own.
Wooden stairs and paintings on the wall
Paintings whilst you stare enthrall
Eyes big around the ball
Menacing from figures short and tall
I think grotesque now and stall
Of whether to remove them from my wall.
Knock, knock, knocking so
Comes from the hallway glow
Did I leave anything on and oh
Nothing I could think of that I did know.
I tried to get to sleep that night
Now why am I in sweat and fright
Suggestions from that book alright
So I sit up and turn on the light.
Now what will ensure a good night's sleep
Tossing darn book into the garbage heap.

Ghost Stories by Grace C. Joyner

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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