Biblical Blacks

by Grace Craven Joyner

Genesis two, verse six
Tells of the sons of Ham,
Haven't you heard that
Cush was Black, son of Ham.
Ham too might of been
Another Black man.
Genesis ten, verse nine
Said Cush begat Nimrod
He built the Tower of Babel
You've heard of that story
Nimrod, a Black man was he.
Out of Babel went Nineveh
In Genesis ten, verse eleven,
Know Jonah and the whale
In that city it was in.
Chapter twelve of Numbers,
Verse one,
Tells of Moses,
Favoured of God,
He married this woman
The woman an Ethipian.
Now I Kings ten
And II Chronicles nine,
Talk of the Queen of Sheba
This from a very long time.
From the uttermost parts
Of the earth she came,
Matthew twelve, verse forty-two,
To hear Solomon's wisdom
As has been told to you.
Now Solomon's Song
Chapter one, verse five,
Chants of a Black girl
So beautiful and alive.
Treasures from the earth
In Matthew, chapter two
Gold, frankincense, myrrh
Brought by wise men who
Of one was Black
This saying is not new.
Matthew chapter twenty-seven,
Verse thirty-two;
And Luke twenty-three,
Verse twenty-six;
Tells how Simon, a Cyrenian
Carried the cross for him.
Acts chapter two, verse five
Tells how men of every nation
Verse ten, Libya and Cyrene too
And the beginning of elation.
Acts eleven, verse twenty
Mentions the Cyrene again
Oh the preaching that was
Done unto men.
A man of great authority
An Ethipian man
Acts eight, verse twenty-seven,
Said how his worship began.
Prophets and teachers
In Acts thirteen, verse one,
Simeon called Niger
And Lucius of Cyrene,
These are men that
God did deem.
Black men of color were
In the Bible from the beginning
Throughout the Old and New Testament
Where the faith is winning.
Blacks in the Bible
I did read
Because I'm Black too
It planted a seed.

Biblical Blacks by Grace Craven Joyner

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