by Journey

Averted eyes scrutinize glowing elevator numbers
in an effort to avoid meeting mine
and I wonder if fear replaces the part of man
that seeks common decencies
which allows him to see his brother and say "good morning", "excuse me" or
even "thank you" as one holds a door open for another.

Is it wrong to look each other in the eye on an elevator,
or stand so close on the subway that one may touch shoulders with another?
Will kindness ever rub elbows with fear and give her calm and compassion?
Will charity and hope leave room enough for faith in man to prosper?
or will we continue to share forged, tight-lipped smiles that show no teeth
afraid that sincerity may slip between them and give way to conversation?

A weary soul sways from side to side in the seat next to me on the subway
and I want to allow his head to rest on my shoulder to support him_
tell him that I understand_
His head barely touches my shoulder and he awakens frightened,
quickly apologizing for being underpaid and overworked
by a government that sleeps on its people_but never allows them to.

Sadism has trained us to quickly apologize for quick brushes of one body to another
or stepping on unseen feet beneath our own
yet a response of "God bless you!" for a violent sneeze is uncommon
and the crushing of an underclass is totally ignored.

The eyes of a lost soul search to find reason, wisdom and purpose for being alive
yet is ignored because of worn clothes and the smell of poverty_
I want to embrace him and tell him that his Father is rich with blessings for him_
If I touch him then I have invaded his space_
but he has already invaded mine by invading my spirit and transmitting
portions of the hurt and pain that he carries abundantly in his shopping bag.

Shame and confidence cross-reference one another on the faces of
men and women who fight a superficial world to intimately love each other_
I want to minister to them and remind them that only the Creator shall judge them_

Yet I pray in silence
entreating society to introduce himself HUMANITY
and remember her name.

Humanity by Journey

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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