Holy Stephen (Acts)

by Stephen Earley Jordan, II

I am Stephen.
The Stephen that was seized.
The Stephen that was chosen
to teach the word of God
to all deceivers.

Yes, I did do miracles.
I made the unbelievable become the believed.
I made the unknown become the well known.

Do not question my intelligence!
I must remind you.
For I am not you and you are not me;
We are not equal
and never could we be equal.

I did not tell the false,
for I am not a liar;
If you are disappointed in my prophecies,
you, too, are disappointed in the Lord.

You stoned me.
You dragged me through the gates,
You approved my unholy death;
Remember my spirit lives forever
haunting your souls
because I am Stephen.

Holy Stephen (Acts) by Stephen Earley Jordan, II

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