Trouble State of Mind

by Jkan

I write some words that were seldom heard
Words that society said hurts
Controversial they label these words

I write some words that came from the roots of truth
But society was not amused
They label my words uncouth
Banish my words and called them crude
But I remain un-repentant 

The world became confused
When the world trade center 
Was removed from view
So many lives consumed 
By the acts of evil brutes
With anger Uncle Sam was consumed
Revenge the lady with the torch salute
Worldwide these enemies were pursued
Allies joined forced, bitter were there moods

I have since listen to the news
Observe with interest Uncle Sam views
And my thoughts sit on a melancholy blue

Some seh four hundred years
It could be five, six, seven, or more
I man nuh really sure
Whatever the score
They dock their ships
On Africa shores
And with force, stole
The Africans
And brought them to these American shores
Bound together 
Beaten with whips
Their pride and dignity stripped
Made to lie in their own shit
Wash in their own piss
Endured that frightening trip
Well! If this was not terror then what was it?

I listen to the views of Uncle Sam news
Everyone vex till their faces blue
Outrage at the views 
Of those who altered the New York skyline views
Because just like Uncle Sam
They harbor their own views
On what should or shouldn’t be true
And my mind sits on a melancholy blue

For those few who made it across that river
Disorientated and confuse
Placed on auction block
For slave master to choose
To run grimy dirty hands 
Over and through
Looking, prodding and poking
Merchandise for any miss-use
Purchase then chained
Broken into field slaves and house slaves
Name changed
Force to accept life another way
This I say is terrorism
What is it that you say?

I write some words that made Uncle Sam rue
For I too believe that terrorist
Was and still is amongst our midst
For they still practice
The systematic use of violence and intimidation
To achieve their goal
By any means necessary
They would have us blacks withhold
To achieve their goal
This I know
Rodney King can tell you so
Stephen Lawrence can tell you so
Martin Luther can tell you so
Hundred and thousands can tell you so
And while I know
The victim of nine eleven
Were not ready to go
And may god rest their soul

However nothing will change at ground zero
For even as these words I wrote
They make decision 
Of whom they will eventually smote
For they make enemies
World wide they harbor foes
And these words I wrote
Is neither dedicated
To create enemies or foes
For I speak only of
The facts as its already known.

Trouble State of Mind by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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