The Scene

by Jkan

Itís hot out there
The heat, it reaches
From the streets
Which heaves
Damn this heat!

And that insidious beep
Everyone sits at their seat
Honk their horns and beep
Uttering words of expletives
Against other users of the street
Damn this heat

Whatís that freak doing on the street
Dancing to some unknown beat
Mindless of the throng and heave
Of tens, hundreds, a thousand feet
Pounding the street
Walking along with life beat
That race at breakneck speed
Damn this heat

Along 42nd street
Dodging, side step and weaves
Through the one o clock melee
Of lunching New Yorkers
Smokers rapping, in packs of
Two, more than the number three
Tourist stop to see
Whatís on offer?
In theatre land, entertainment arcade
Which line the streets
Fast food
Furiously eat
Sidewalk gourmet
Feeds on demand without cease

Damn this heat
That comes from wheels
And ventilations steep
Under the Manhattan street
Dust flair everywhere
In your face it swirls
And stay there
Blown dry by hot
Wind of passing motorcade
Makes you want to get away
Some place where the heat is not so fierce today
Damn this heat

I wish this damn joker
Would just walk alone
Instead of being engage on
That mobile phone

Brakes squeeze
Tires screech
Someone trying to
Beat the light
Or the oncoming four wheel
Death always near
But seldom reached
Damn this heat

Itís a melting pot of this and that
Its constant
The heat is on
A cultural revolution
An onslaught
Of everything thatís
New York
Itís hard to hold a mood thatís calm

Thick dense and fast
This is working New York
Selling New York
Protecting New York

Where the living is hard
And there is no calm
A constant furnace blast
Sun up
Sun down
And dawn
In the streets that never sleep
Twenty- four hours
A constant feat
Damn this heat

The heat
The beat
The street
The New York scene
Damn this heat
Damn this heat.

The Scene by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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