by Jkan

Can we make love?
Please!dont get me wrong
I know what I have just ask
But let me explain

Let us both make love to each other
Without being sexual
Yes our bodies can connect
Penetration? not yet

Let's make love with feeling
Be together and let it have meaning
Ever so slowly to peel away
Garments that stands in the way
Let's go all the way
Touching, Stroking, Caressing
Penetration? not yet

Let's find out what makes each other warm
To do this let be calm
With our mind we can talk
Of feelings, of moods
Of things about me and you

How about fore play
Penetrate! no wait
Tomorrow is another day
Let's just play
Practice the art of abstain

Teach each other of our different ways
Speak while we parlay
Not to let sex get in the way
We need time, we need space
To partake
Of each other taste

Haste makes waste
Let's not spoil what may
Take place

It's like for instance the olympic games
Everyone waits for the 100 metre race
Bang!! ten seconds is all it takes 
Finish! the end, of what we anticipate 

A sense of emptiness replace
Penetrate? no wait
Let's make love with meaning, all our feelings
Let's have no, miss-understanding
It's not a sexual thing
It's just a love thing
No penetrating

Penetration by Jkan

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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