A Blackmanís Nightmare

by Jkan

I am the White Man
The great white hope for the black civilization
I first turned you into slaves
Used the Willie Lynch syndrome to keep you contained
He did such a good job that you are still enslaved
For up until this day, you are still afraid
Of stepping forward and take your rightful place

I am the White Man
I have treated you wrong
Under the guise of civilization
It was I who once perpetuated that myth
That all your people were savages
I have stolen your land
Stolen your ideas and intentions
I have stolen your Black Pride
And created division worldwide

It is I who have caused you to mistrust
Caused you to be envious
I have turned the Black man against the Black woman
Turned the African Diaspora against one another
It is I who have created your so-called history
In all my colleges, I have dissected your identity
Wiped you from the pages that the student read

I am the White Man
To whom you are still a servant
I have your back
I have your front
By the labels you wear
My product you front

It is I who created in you greed
As you fight against one another to supercede

It is I who have destroyed your young men
Influencing their minds with my chemical contents

I am the White Man
It is I who intends to bring you to your knees
While you still put your faith, trust and confidence in me
By you voting for me
By you working for me
By you living next to me
As you try to be just like me

By you refusing to read you do aid me
For you are ignorant of people who have
Changed your history
Just look at how confused I have got you lot
In the movie barbershop, I have you disrespecting

I could go on for there is so much more, but quite frankly
To boast I am beginning to be bored
The fact remain and itís always the same,
I got game, and you got played.

A Blackmanís Nightmare by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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