Jungle Living

by Jkan

It's a jungle out there and everyone is
Living in fear
Too scared
To step out there
To compete
With the heat
Of society
On concrete jungle street
Yet everyone competes
All swimming up stream
Trying to avoid the stampede
Of migrating wilder beast
Moving with lightning speed
Across the deep
Trying to avoid
Alligator sharpen teeth
For life is about feats
And victories
Dictated by democracy
Someone chosen to lead
By the votes of you and me
But choose to follow indeed
Those in backroom scene
Who controls the power?
And speak with a bag of money
And so democracy changes the views
Of which they once preach to you and me
Presenting a different ideology
Through tinted glass they see reality
Morality but a word to speak
The bigger picture, they never see
But to the knowing eyes
The scene is harrowing
Not mystery, history or
A just the brutal facts or reality
Where everyone
Plays a role
In hope of
Winning an
Oscar vote
Best actor
Best actress
Best story line
Best life yet
But it's all fake
Plastic smile
Covers evil ways
Their motive as forked
As the tongue of a snake
They make ready to partake
Unless you keep your intention safe
Like a secret take it to your grave
For they envy you
Even for the last breathe you take
For that is the way of the world today
Everyone dumps on someone else face
Tie together each other shoelace
Its like spy versus spy
In the mad comic book page
Where two individual fights
To dominate
And the victory gained
Hardly makes front page
Never the less it's a victory
All the same
It's a jungle out there
And so when I die
Like a cat
I'm coming back
With nine live.

Jungle Living by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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