Celebrate It

by Jkan

So how yuh waan mi talk it?
Yuh tink seh mi can discard it?
Run weh lef it,
Fi wah?

Fi his-storians fi disect it
Then prem it?
Tun roun an publish it,
Educate odders wid it

But a nuh him one fi know bout dis
Especially when him naaw
Lie dung pan it
Si dung pan it
Tan up pan it

So yuh nuh waan mi talk it?
Den a how yuh really waan mi fi pass it?
Yu tink mi can talk shakespear
Quote sheanus heany
Or walk in di shoes of ted hughes

Bwoy dat mi nuh waan do
When i talk it
I do it in the colour of hue
When i talk it i man raas claat it
I canít prance it
Good english talk it

I frog match it
Beat it up like mi a deel wid chalklit
Squeeze it, feel it
Pedal and wheel it
Like a deck a so mi deel it

When mi talk it mi waan yuh feel it
Nuh badda yu deh talk bout yuh donít
ďadam and eve itĒ

If yuh donít know it
Get it video and freeze it
Learn it and speak it
It form part a yuh heritage

Pick it up and flex wid it
Chew it up like yuh a deel wid wrigleys
Embrace it
Donít disgrace it
Di culture yuh hav
Learn fi celibrate it
So is how yuh really waan mi talk it?
Mi? I goin talk it same god damn way

Celebrate It by Jkan

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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