Black Woman

by Jkan

Black woman

How long wi a guh continue to be estrange
Like di Great Wall of China a suh wi life separate
What will become of our beautiful race?
Who is gonna carry on our ancestors name?
Great, great, great, great
Grandparents life, in vain
Lets communicate
For once I will leave anger by the way
My ignorance sent away
All aggressive tendencies restrain

Black woman
I am willing to be mentally open
For a favorable outcome

To be aware of your needs and wants

To acknowledge the power, beauty and
Spirituality that is represented in you

To accept that my ways is not necessarily
The right way

To understand and broaden my vision to
Reach beyond what I perceived as limitations

To confess my misdeeds, dishonesty, violations
That has been heaped upon you over the years

Black woman even as I surrender to you all my

Understand that this is a process for me, which is
Self forgiveness, a form of self realization, thus I ask
For, your, forgiveness.
Enabling us to restore some form of balance,
And spiritual

Black woman to you I vow commitment, in pursuit
Of our goal, to eliminate, conflicts and distractions
To face up to my responsibilities

To take the right action

Black woman, lets give back to each other
What was taken away from us

Our pride,

Black woman lets try to build up back our community
Build a foundation, for our future generation
Revive a stagnant situation
Come together and forget pass altercation
Live for our future generation

Black woman
Black woman
Black woman

Words, from a Blackman

Black Woman by Jkan

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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