Players Love Winter

by JG Welch

I know you feel me
something mystical when man and woman knit together 
with lilting music like a tether
binding what once was two  loking like one
shape-shifting lover's, it's what they do  like east rising sun   
in summer nights balmy atmopsphere  
nothing cooler than words 
mist-whispered in feminine ear
spawning from generations of players resound
ancient cadence arise from tribal ground
ur-bane nightingale words float as doves aviation  
saccharine passions replete with adulation    
spring showers play set mood
player's words coquetish and rude
all in genetic sync  daiquiris with lime
effervescent quench for the summertime
but as winters chill blares it's case
true-players stretch amorous-ligaments
in game face    from Seattle to the Bronx
dem boys like bats arise    love draculytes
as the moon wins gray enchantment skies
none can claim a more ardent case
than blithesome luv by crackling fireplace
true players words cast a spell not unlike vodoo
not many woman withstand its knell doing as he say do  
sagacious interaction the right way
her mind compliant begins to sway
wizened fingers begin avid delirience
leading to an out of body experience/
competition I don't sweat it
music of today just don't get it
music and love supple entwined
as it has been since the beginning of time
as summer and fall flowers give way to winters ice   
my fireplace will crackle  and me with someone nice
just before we start to lose it
Our heads will nod to Barry White and "Old
Luther music

Players Love Winter by JG Welch

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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