Mo' Better

by J. Gabriel Ross L.

Once again I am learning that insanity is doing the same thing while anticipating a new result.

Insanity may be thinking that my heart isn't swept from me... stolen from within my very chest. The whole heart -- pressed through a hole so small -- could only be removed by her hands. Unknowingly attentive to my needs, I sit oblivious to the pain she bears due to my unpreparedness. I am unprepared, unintelligent to the level of commitment she holds for me. "I am her truest love," she says. "Far beyond any other's gaze, I sit."

Foolishly, I am a nonbeliever; stuck ignorantly holding back what she has earned from me -- a complete honesty. A matching devotion, which follows this acknowledgment, I must give her. She constantly shakes her head, sheds tears, and takes in more pain because of my nonchalant ways. She tells me no one will love me more, more honestly -- as Spike says "Mo' Better." Yet, I only allow myself to see and feel her Mo' Better in small doses. Perhaps, Mo' Better brings Mo' Fear. Damn if I know, she took my damn heart already. I look to her to see what I should feel; erroneously I know. But, I think she may know Mo' Better, what's Mo' Best for me. Even if she doesn't, I thoroughly enjoy the blues she gives me. Mo' Better she makes me in the long run, I know.

Mo' Better by J. Gabriel Ross L.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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