45 Minutes...

by J. Gabriel Ross L.

In forty-five minutes you can live so many lives
In forty-five minutes a touch longed for she deprives,
In forty-five minutes frustration and temptation make seconds last days.
In forty-five minutes she promises you’ll succumb to her ways.

For forty-five minutes she wants me as her captive.
Yet, breaking this unruly colt require something creative,
Lips wet, tongue circling, mouths agape is that enough
To make this the most memorable forty-five minutes, no – it might be that tough.

For forty-five minutes her touch aroused him,
For forty-five minutes her kisses drowned him,
For forty-five minutes he smiled and enjoyed,
For forty-five minutes she never knew the tricks he employed.

Forty-five minutes, her passion for him enveloped her,
Unknowingly taking them to a place of fulfillment together,
He saw the completion of an act in her eyes,
Years of desire, wondering, drawn into a bow on a gift of orgasmic cries…

Forty-five minutes, I promised you.
Forty-five minutes, I granted you.
Forty-five minutes, you used my body as candy to entice.
Forty-five minutes, my goal was to be party to your every vice.
As we move into minute forty-six, what’s left?
In minute forty-six, was forty-five minutes worth the panting breaths?
Forty-six minutes, and I am left to wonder
Was forty-five minutes of amazing physical pleasure given away as a blunder?

The uncaring heart could take just forty-five minutes and not stay another
But, what is won in that – save the pleasure of an experience with her?
Forty-five minutes, while every so inviting, is not enough for me.
Forty-five minutes would gift a man the thoughts of more that could be.

45 Minutes... by J. Gabriel Ross L.

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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