We Need A Resolution or Revolution

by J.Rose

We live in a state 
of constitutional prostitution 
It's moral pollution 
with no absolution
The only resolution is revolution
We need a revolution 
to combat the political illusions
No weapons of Mass Destruction 
but weapons of Mass Distraction 
and weapons  of Mass Confusion
Ironically it's amusing 
Bush its time for a political blood transfusion
We need a resolution
We need a revolution

But I want my idea 
to live longer than Aaliyah
Unlike Dr. Martin Luther King
I want to live to see the reality of my dream
Fuck equal 
I want to see blacks treated like Kings 
and Queens 
turn this urban nightmare 
into an utopian dream
We need a resolution
We need a revolution

But we have to be conscious 
of the mental manipulations 
that continue to seize us
We collectively live 
in the United States of Amnesia
We forget about the group lynching 
multiple rapes 
and abductions
multiple rapes 
and group lynching 
We forget about that
A southern white judge 
wanted to be a nigga for Halloween 
So he painted his face black 
with black face
Blacks face blatant racism 
coupled with deep rooted corruption

We forget about the secret deals 
between political parties to abandon Reconstruction 
and the further African American demoralization and destruction
We need a resolution
We need a revolution

We don't remember because we learn our past 
through a racially bias looking glass
We only have one month dedicated to our history
The fact that it's the shortest month of the year is no mystery 
and typically the most bitter and cold
All symbolic of a hatred that's hundreds of years old
We need a resolution
We need a revolution

But, see me, I haven't forgotten 
how my people were humiliated and down-trodden 
I can imagine my ancestors being whipped 
until blood ran from their eyes 
while others gagged on the foul taste 
of swallowed pride
Like the first of February 
after a hell of a January 
It's cold outside 
and it's a war going on outside
This was another attempt to open ya'll eyes
Resolution or Revolution
Perhaps the only Resolution is Revolution

We Need A Resolution or Revolution by J.Rose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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