Vetta K

by J.Rose

This poem is dedicated to Vetta K
The one that got away
I still remember the very first time seeing your face
I felt like an angel had passed my way 
I never understood why felt that way
But Iíll always remember how I felt that day
Inventing a new way for you to notice me 
was my task each day
We became good friends 
and you thought it was best that way
My only aspirations were to bring you near
The saddest thing is after all these years 
You donít know about all my tears 
I thought you couldíve been the answer 
to all of my fears

Never really having you 
was worse than losing you
We do some things because we have to 
and others because we choose to
I chose to move on 
long after you were gone 
along a path that lacked you 
but I couldnít stop loving you if I had to
You struck my love lifeline like lightening 
and just as fast you were gone 
The thought of not seeing you again is frightening 
I never got a chance to see you full-grown

Are you still the same beautiful girl 
who didnít know what her full potential was
Or are you now aware of how fine you are 
and shoot niggas down just because
Do you still have that same smile 
stolen from the template of an angels face
Do you still have that same seductive smirk upon your face 
that could melt ice in the frozen depths of space

Are you still so insecure 
that you let your head hang low  
hiding those pretty brown eyes 
that sparkle with every color of the rainbow
Do you remember the name J.Rose 
signed at the bottom of all those letters
Or have you forgotten and moved on 
with someone who claims he can love you better

The image of you,
to me is more precious than Rupplestilskin spinning gold 
in a golden fleece
Telling me not to dream 
dreams of you while Iím asleep 
is like speaking in Greek
And speaking of Greeks 
They need not develop a ploy 
They have Helen of Troy 
because although beautiful
That chick was untrue
Iíd take on all of Greece, Sparta, 
and the rest of the world for you
Not He-Man 
but Iíd master the universe, too
Take out Hector and Achilles, too

Helen, Neferiti, Cleopatra, and Aphrodite 
couldnít hold a candle to your likeness   
Which is like 
being face to face 
with the sun in space, 
separated by a thin glass that magnifies 
multiplied by the radiance of the Holy Spirit
So bright youíd burn your cornea, iris, and retina 
just looking near it
A fool that was blind could see 
this is how your beauty shines to me

Itís been a long time 
since a similar soul has slid my way 
just know the thoughts and memories of you 
can never be replaced
I now know that I never knew happiness 
until that day
The very first time 
I saw your face
I still hope to see you again someday

To the one that got away
I miss you, LaVetta K

Vetta K by J.Rose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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