by J.Rose

I wanna roll out a red carpet 
of red roses on the floor of the Hilton
I wanna see your contours captivated by 
crimson candlelight as I recite John Milton
I want you to be my black Cinderella 
and I can be your hood prince fella
Your girls just happy if their man 
ainít a dog like olí Yella
But Iíll do you one better
Instead of putting your name on my sweater
Or giving you half of my cheddar
Or writing a four page letter
I wanna ring your finger 
like speed-dial
We can wait for sex
Letís orchestrate foreplay 
in the meanwhile 
I wanna stimulate you 
until you orgasm in your mind
Having your emotions twisted 
like feeling ugly when you so, so fine

I want you to participate in mental masturbation
Youíd think I was the ocean the way I cause saturation
I make you real wet this is not an exaggeration 
Love, lust, and infatuation
I encapsulate all three in my imagination
Letís fantasize until our feelings 
float to the floor of the rainforest 
In our own personal paradise where 
we could hide until God came for us

Feeling the heat sizzle
Watching the rain drizzle 
through the milky moonlight 
kind of mist-like
Your body glistening 
listening to the sounds of the streams 
coursing through mass consciousness 
into your dreams
Tasting the arid air of a Arizona night 
inhaling a tropical bouquet of pure delight
Iíve been arrogant my whole life 
but now Iím willing to learn how to do it right 

Tell me if itís not tight 
Should I blow, nibble, or bite
Strategically titillate places I choose to excite
Let my tongue dangle 
in a acute angle 
until it turn right  
right, right, right there thatís the place
I can tell by the embrace 
of the smile and your face
It was like your smile disappeared 
and the sun took its place 
and this is happy as it gets 
but letís not forget

This is not about sex
This is not about lust
This is not about flesh
This is not about us
This is about the feeling 
you get when you slow dance
That first kiss
Or when you hold hands
Some call it butterflies
I call it romance 

Romance by J.Rose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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