by J.Rose

Yea though I walk in the valley 
of the Shadow of Death
I shall fear no evil
So why the media got me holding my breath
around my own black people
What happened to...
The peace that surpasses all understanding
Why has my life been a mystery 
without understanding
What happened to...
Goodness and Mercy 
following me all the days of my life
What happened to...
Your guidance when the big decisions 
never came out right
What happened to...
Your wisdom when I didn't know 
if I should let abortion take my seed's life

What happened to... 
comfort when I was lonely
What happened to...
my cup running over 
when I was hungry
What happened to...
my shepherd 
to console me
My dad to scold me 
or my mom to hold me
What happened to...
you carrying me
when I was weary
I put million footprints in the sand 
until my feet was bloody and my eyes were teary

I know you the "All-powerful creator of man" 
and you got the whole world in your hand
Your eye is on the sparrow 
but you forgot about me
You "All-Knowing" so 
how you forget about me
What happened to...
knock and it'll be open
Seek and you shall find
My whole life I been hoping 
and still can't get a piece of mind
What happened to...
giving us wings like eagles
Many of my people 
could've used that 
when they was ducking 
them screeching Desert Eagles
Screaming like the Sirens of Greece 
in those Kankakee streets

What happened to...
Protection from the Workers of the Arts
A lot of my niggas could've used that 
when the enemy was piercing their hearts 
with the fiery darts
My sister could've used that 
when the enemy invaded her body 
with the poisonous cancer 
her hair fell out 
and that wig was her answer
She told me the Chemotherapy 
made her  not want to leave home
I felt her sadness to the bone 
and once again I found myself 
Shedding tears for my family, 
over the phone 
What happened to...
You preparing a table 
in the presence of my enemies 
when I couldn't get a meal 
in the presence of friends
And what most offends 
is, you give us choices, then 
consider it a sin 
if we choose to bring this pain to an end

What happened to...
The faith of a grain of mustard seed moving mountains
I got the faith the size of a mountain 
and I can't move a molehill 
and what's mo' real 
is words can't express the pain 
my soul feel
What happened to...
you easing the pain 
when my brother was in a coma for 21 days 
and couldn't feel his own brain
And the tears fell like rain 
again and again
I never used your name in vain 
but in vain I called your name
The lord works in mysterious ways 
I need it made plain

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want 
my whole life I felt like a lamb lost 
in a field of want 
drowning in a sea of despair 
reaching for the Lord's hand 
and no one was there
I'm tired of believing 
in things unseen 
and not having substance 
for my hoping
My whole life read like a book 
full of promises already broken

Promises by J.Rose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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