Perfect Completion

by J.Rose

I want to buy you a diamond
big enough to fill a full room
Lay you down on perfumed sheets 
and make love under a full moon 

during a lunar eclipse, when the darkness is thick
Kiss your eyes and look at your lips
Stroke your thighs and lickÖ 
around your hips 

I want to caress your breast and inhale your breath 
while making vows that goes way beyond death
When my bones grow cold and Iím pass just being old
Iíll still be in love with you when Iím just a soul

Iíll whisper in your ear even after death 
and tell you I wanna love you until there is no eternity left
We can explore forever in a split second 
Choose me first and youíll never be second

I wonít blink when I look in your eyes and do what I do
Weíre Ní Sync because I know this much is true
God mustíve spent a little more time on you

He put more caramel in your complexion 
and more perfection in your reflection 
and your heart has been double-dipped in affection

He put more softness in your arm 
and gave you a smile with added charm 
thatís more beautiful than the summer sun at dawn

The hair that drapes 
around your face 
look like it was pulled from the darkness of space

If looks could kill, youíd have the beams on them
Iím surprised one of your fingers donít have a ring on him
Your shoulders look like they used to have wings on them

360, any angle  
I can see you used to be angel
I hope god never call you back 
because I can see the seven wonders in the small of your back 

Girl you got me feeling more serious than treason
Thereís no rhyme nor reason, 
only a sense of completion 
Iím Adam, you Eve
Now letís create Eden

So when our battles harden 
Weíll still have love in our Savage Garden
I think you may be what Iím seeking
Perfect Completion

Perfect Completion by J.Rose

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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