I Want To

by J.Rose

(This poem is inspired by Maya Del Valle's "Seduce Me")

I want to
write you a poem of seduction
I want to
allude to a passion beyond just fucking
because I value my seed
A partner that values the same
is what I need
I want to 
send you a message and that message would read
My spirit encompasses my emotions
so my emotions are spiritual
therefore itĘs hard to convey 
those emotions through the material
but my feelings are enough 
to fill a thousand Pradas
yet expression of my true feelings
would take a thousand midnight sonatas

I want to 
examine our open palm
and tell you that your fate-line
crosses my heart-line
I want to
whisper in your ear and assure you
I would always take care of you fulltime
even if I was only working part-time
I want to 
decipher the hidden numerical meaning 
of your name
I want to
tell you mine is eleven 
and yours is the same
I want to
tune into your electromagnetic aura
and see it flaming bright orange and red
from you bowels to the crown of your head
I want to 
know your passion is hot as mine 
and that we have similar thoughts 
running through our minds

I want to
if I were to taste you
I donĘt think my choices
would be limited to
mangos and tropical breezes
but I also think guaya, papaya
or passion fruit
Where? How? Like this?
is what I would be asking you
I want to 
lick your body 
like a double-dipped 
Cherry-Banana sundae melting
in the heat of the July sun
I want to
put my head 
so close to your pelvis
that my thoughts 
impregnate you with my son
I want these syllables to sing
your soul a song
I want to 
play with the clitoris of your mind 
until your emotions come

I want to
make love to you
on a phenomenally dark night 
that has on ending 
I want to
do devilish deeds 
that defy defined religion
I want to 
transcend the trapping 
of tactile tintilization
I want to 
acid etch your eyes 
and smile into my mental visualization
I want your chi embedded 
in my souls memory 
I want to 
feel you as pure energy
with perfect symmetry
the way we were meant to 
feel from the beginning 
I want to separate love from lust 
and seduction from sinning

I want to...
seduce you 

I Want To by J.Rose

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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