The Denied Brother

by Jermerico Lee

The somebody everybody talks about 
The nobody somebody's always watching
The Denied Brother 

He is the beater of his own drum 
Never a follower, but a leader
Aspiring for the best 
Never settling for less 
Always achieving success
The Denied Brother 

His faith unshakeable 
Praying for the Lord 
Not to move his mountain 
But to give him the strength 
To climb over, under or go through 
In order to get what is his 
And his he always gets 
The Denied Brother 

Never conforming to the world's sterotypes 
Never bounded by other thoughts 
He is an original 
Imitated never Duplicated
Always hated 
Because his talk is golden 
His walk is platinum
His style so simple 
It shines like a diamond 
The Denied Brother 

Beaten but never broken 
Stabbed but never wounded 
He is the supreme conqueror 
Crying not from the pain 
But from the inner joy 
Because the pain means he's living
And the storm shall be over 
And as long as he loves himself 
No one can kill his spirit
Murder his soul 
Or steal his strength 

The Denied Brother.......... 

The Denied Brother by Jermerico Lee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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