by Jazerai

Since I have failed to accept the demise
Of those close to me who share my same struggle
I am here to rewrite the revolution
My life hanging in the balance of the American nightmare
And my future dependent on corporate greed
I have to constantly remind myself who I am
Daughter of a raped captive
Descendent of the Creator
The foundation of this country
Was built on the backs on my ancestors
300 years we have remained 
With less than 50 in partial emancipation
We are in need of a revolution
I rise up alone
Wondering from where the next activist will reign
Who will free their perception long enough 
To gain a humanitarian understanding
While I have failed to accept demise
I am trying to comprehend why we continue 
To accept dissolution
If need be
This revolution WILL BE televised
Broadcasted on direct tv
Heard on your local pod cast
We are living in an age where we must not adopt defeat
But strive for dignity
By any means necessary
Generation X has shamed a liberation movement
By adapting to a pseudo PC ideology
Convinced of the fact that silence is golden
We have faded to black
So I ask you
To believe in the act of restitution
Believe in the ability to evolve
To believe that we can 
rewrite a revolution. 

Rewrite by Jazerai

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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