My Strong, Black, African King

by Jazerai

Gliding through life on an invisible pedastool

Never missing a beat

Always playing it cool

From the very beginning of time

The brilliance of a black manís skin has dazzled my mind

And you

Who walks the path of our ancestors

Fighting for all of your brothas and sistas

Created by memories of slaves from past days

Built up by those who made a change

Malcolm X, MLK, Huey P. and Rosa Parks

While amazing mankind


The future

Were in their hearts

My man, my messiah, my heart and my wings

My strong, Black, African kingÖ


Your smile lights up the world

You put a move on my heart

Iím so proud to be your girl

With your grace and your charms

The strength in your arms

I have learned so much from watching you

Revolutionary yet grounded in everything you do

I see a divine prophesy of you and me

I, the mother of the Earth

You, the father of the sea

The child we bring forth will lead by what you teach

He will be motivated by love, and one day he will be

Someoneís man, messiah, heart and wings

A strong, Black, African kingÖ


Iíve watched you grow emotionally as time has passed by

As tears dripped down your cheeks

Down came your pride

Though you were hurt by those close to you

Not knowing what else to do

Iím glad you decided to keep your faith

I know when I hear your voice

We will be safe

My man, my messiah, my heart and my wings

No one could ever come between

Me and my strong, Black, African king.


You are all that I hoped I would receive

Heaven sent, yet strong minded

All that I need

To think, we once had few escapes

Now caught in your tide

Iím glad I went with fate

The Creator has blessed you with multiple abilities

Rising to the top, but yet, you know that we arenít free

But still, you persist

Afraid of what you might miss

Determined to make a way for everything that weíve wished

My man, my messiah, my heart and my wings

My strong, Black, African kingÖ

My Strong, Black, African King by Jazerai

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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