White Man Blue

by Janala

When did you begin to do what you said and say what you Thought,
in a day when most only think what their taught
And don't say what they ought, unless prompted by another.

They are like the puppet unable to achieve
The simplest movement or gesture til' they ask "Massa' please."
But you - YEAH YOU, broke free of the chains - (Oh!, I mean strings)
and ran like hell to the corner of your mind And dwelt there
peacefully with everyone in solitary confine -ment.

A moment with you I likened to the zoo.  You in the cage of Your mind
and me admiring you from a distance, obeying The warnings still I find
resistance not to feed you with False intellect.
You tell me - Your not havin' it!

I must do more than knock to gain entrance & offer more Than the Avon
Lady cause see me only as shady.
My visions of you are contorted like the fun-house images distorted
(you say) from all the lies reported at 6, 10 and 11.
You tell me  - Your not havin' it!

You wouldn't stay hidden tucked away on the shelf, unlike The famous
who give of their names, but not of themselves.
Careful design went into the vine that would release the Sweet wine
you share called rhyme - poured generously you Toast to the plan that
frees the black man.
The verse you utter I admit I can't relate
Why you dropping a dime on me and my kind?

I saved your ancestors from deaths grip & sting,
Took them from Ivory Coast to Irish Springs,
Certainly you have some regard for me?

Though your kings are now robbers and princes turned Paupers this
incessant militance to me makes no sense.
Let bygones be bygones, let me tell you what 1st to do, forget About
that mule and all the stuff we promised you!

Secondly, don't tell me what your not havin', the 3k stills Gives a
good head bashing.  If I beat you with a whip or put You back on a
ship, you wouldn't be giving me no mo' of your Lip.

Your momma's mammy served my poppa's pappy and as far As I'm concerned
she was all too happy..to give it up..with a Smile at least a mile
wide - You know the one don't you?

Although times have been changing you ain't stopped Complaining about
a job you didn't get or your woman I got Cause you can't provide her 3
meals and a cot.

Please don't misunderstand, some of best slaves, (Oh! I mean friends)
are black.

March on black people, march on!
I'll see you in April cause by then you've forgot what the march Was
about and  when I TOLD YOU, you had doubts. It's like a Woman forcing
nine-months growth from the womb and she Wonders if her seed will be
doomed, your search for positives in A negative equation leave you
wishing you'd stuck to Masturbation - so, march on black people, march on.

You fear one another mostly the young black brothers who Think their
black Moses delivering people with guns and killing The roses who in
their youth don't quite know the truth about Me yet.

Black on black will never make me blue, listen close, learn and I'll
tell you what do.
The day you all cease the fight against one another day & night
With guns, fist or Words turned cruel,
all are dangerous Weapons in the hands of fools

When this day comes all white men will be blue.

White Man Blue by Janala

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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