Ocean Deep

by Janala

I ask myself "Why am I sometimes lost in conversations with Some
Don't they see the look of abandonment on my face
Much like a lost child out of place hoping someone will notice
And come back for me

I am amazed, but mostly amused
with those who seek to Spiritualize,
intellectualize and confuse

While succeeding in making others desire the smooth,
hollow Curvatures inside of the sea shell
Their ocean-deep philosophies apply pressure to my head
and Pop my ears,
dragging me deep, deeper, deepest into unknown Depths....

You pastor at the "Church of the Empty Pew"
because thou Preachest to the clouds not to crowds
Your too deep for Jesus to comprehend
When you have finished crucifying us with your speech on U,
Please remove the nails - Thank You!

How foolish of you to think your fooling us. Not us!
We know the reflection at the bottom of your turned-up coffee Cup,
scavaging for the last drop is as deep as you sup
Truth be told you get as deep as the index finger to the nose
Have you ever stopped to think how shallow both really are?

Are you drowning?  Wait my friend - hold on!
What's that in the distance?
Narrow your eyes if you must to see.
Quick grab-on,  it's the life-preserver of love tossed out by me.

I'm glad  you've come up from the ocean floor,
now we can float On the same wave as we paddle to shore.

Ocean Deep by Janala

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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