Bred In The Womb

by Jamie Walker

(a poem about the racist fraternity
members at Auburn University)

they were bred

in the womb

before birth

the pale, white

fetus was governed

by a host of

castrating symbols

and cultural signifiers

that never made contact

with the precious


bastards born in hate

neither know their Father

nor that Africa

is their (m)other

bondaged and buried

in chains

with nooses around

Her neck

they mock and glorify


roused by the smell

of black bodies burning

and swinging

o medgar, o harriet

where art thou now

when the world needs

your fire

your Words of wisdom

your light

to cast out the `ism'

in this race

who seeks to

justify their racist deeds

by pleading

the first and the fourteenth


claiming freedom of speech

and defamation

of character

like their father's

who once justified


with scientific arguments

and biblical illusions

that tainted the minds

of souls

already schooled

in truth and resistance

they twist the Law

and then re-intepret it

to justify



and hate

the intent to lynch

kill and destroy

black bodies

objectified and

systematically made

to feel

the extreme corporeality

of their own skin

to know their place

as subjugated Other's

dominated by the construction

of whiteness

Father they do know what they do

these bastards

who were once spoon-fed

white poison

by their mentally

incarcerated (m)other

not cognizant of the fact

that racism is guised

in popular culture

Father please teach

please help

please serve

and help to educate

that psychosis

and racism

is no laughing matter,

that karma

is a dang good thing

once it wraps around

360 degrees

of out-right ignorance, hate, and lies.

Bred In The Womb by Jamie Walker

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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