For Baraka

(Recent Poet Laureate of New Jersey)

by Jamie Walker

poets-like prophets
are never loved
in their own country.
or shall we say century
when they still must face
bush/MentaL  poly/tiKKKs
and right wing imperialists
wanna slay the voice of Truth
speakin directly to 
the spiritual and cultural needs
of the people.
Words become lethal
especially when infused with
or lies
mcgreevey wants to put a cap
on free speech
just like the blinders in his own eyes.
yeh. real proof 
that poems can kill. 
see how Common Sense burns
the ill-fated retina 
of a slow yet dyin breed.
funny how the beast
thinks itself immune 
to the kind of karma 
that results from years of 
and greed.
if the people don't call
into question how 
the so-called majority rules
we subject ourselves to becoming victims-
not a figure in politics
but, rather, brainwashed, hypnotized 
and colonized negro fools.

            baraka says-

                  a real re/vo/lu/shun is the work of the people.
                             and only the people can ensure
                             a truly just victory. we must reclaim
                             and recreate our own images.
                             shape a united Black/Consciousness
                             rooted in Truth and Black Sensibility;
                             for the Truth is valuable to any/body
                             regardless of race or nationality.

            baraka says-

                            we must empower the people.
                            teaching them that culture means
                            and w/out consciousness the people shall surely die.

and we the people say-

                            let this man/poet/griot/sage/
                            let this prophet/healer/king/
                            claim his rightful place
                            and receive his just due upon the throne.
                            challenging us all to POET-ON
                            to see and praise
                            what dark, soulful, and eternal Beauty
                            lies deep Within
                            while a searing, 'innocent' AMURICA
                            (frantic and terrorized)
                            desperately tries to wash her hands
                            free of blood, cruelty, sickness, and sin.

For Baraka by Jamie Walker

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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