Please...Blow out the Candles

by JLove

Sweetheart, just because I light a few candles, put on a little Maxwell, and have on something appealing to you doesn't mean that I want to screw. Maybe I want to hold your hand and tell you how much you mean to me. Maybe I want to lie next to you and feel your heart beat against my back. Maybe, just maybe, I want to look into your eyes so that I may see your heart. Lighting candles does not automatically mean that I want you to make love to me.
Honey, if you didn't already know, we can make love with our clothes on -mind sex- is what it's called.

In my mind, I light a few candles, turn on some Maxwell, and slide out of my Victoria's Secret nightie. Remember, my love, this is only in my mind.

In my mind, I go to the kitchen to get your favorite ice cream (strawberry) and bring it back to our spacious bedroom.

In my mind, the rain is coming down in steady, rhythmic, relaxing streams. I place the ice cream on the night stand, and I go to our window to open it so that our bodies can synchronize with the pulsating raindrops. I return to you with the ice cream in hand.

You are lying on your back. I dip my finger into the ice cream and place it on your forehead and with gentle lips, I kiss it off before it drips down your nose. I lower myself to your ears, then your neck and I nibble until I am almost satisfied. Remember, my love, this is all in my mind. What would you like for me to do next? I'm open to any suggestions. Tell me, whisper those things in my ear.
"Hmmmm...that sounds nice, yeah, we can do that".
Now, my love, Please...blow out the candles because we have just made love in our minds.

Please...Blow out the Candles by JLove

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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