Face of Happiness

by Isaac 'Slimx'

Happiness is never really seen,
Neither can it be measured,
Yet itís a treasure of nature,
Free to humanity living in vanity,
Happiness is pure and pleasant,
Not a taint of profanity like Divinity,
a pious necessity not a commodity,
full of possibility not futility.
I tried finding her in humanity,
All I got was elusiveness, filthiness,
Dizziness, frustration and dejection,
So I took my stand upon my watch,
And mingled with the other creations,
Seeking revelation and inspiration,
All fuelled by intuition for affection.
So I watched as the sun rose.
As the moon folded itself up,
I watched the light show up,
As the darkness faded away,
Then did the flowers open up,
And the flying bees hummed, rejoicing,
The colourful butterflies clapped,
Looking for nectars and pollen grains,
melodious songs of the chirping birds,
Echoing from distances far and near,
Grasshoppers hopped worrilessly.
I watched the lilies dance acknowledging,
As the breeze swirled by passionately,
The mountain goats bleated with smiles,
The milking cow mooed compassion,
The nodding lizards and scurrying squirrels,
The sleeping cats and playing monkeys,
The dragonflies with their twinkling lights,
The immovable mountains and hills,
Flanked by the lowly valleys and furrows,
With flowing springs so quiet and peaceful,
I stood amazed by the gentility of the streams,
Overwhelmed by the endless seas and oceans,
Her waves rising with her magnificent glory,
With all her dependants in her bosom,
Her little ones running around blossoming,
With the pregnant cloud hovering, whispering,
Thunder and lightening clearing their throats,

As the season changes,
Time after time,
With lurking predators,
Amid uncertainty,
Even in nothingness,
Day by day I see in them the face of happiness.

Face of Happiness by Isaac 'Slimx'

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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