I Don't Know Why

by Isaac 'Slimx'

I don't know why, please tell me why,
Babies are being born upon the legs of girls 
that give no crap about their welfare, or wellbeing,
yet millions are barren, longing for their little ones,
the innocent and defenceless are killed in the uterus,
by the hands of them filled with sins and iniquities,
like the still born, never knowing good and evil.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
everyday I pray for peace and prosperity, not war
yet war, suffering, and anger rage within my soul,
women and children everyday maimed and wasted,
by landmines and cluster bombs built by the mighty
powerful nations spreading peace, with atomic weapons
bishops preaching peace, blessing guided missiles.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
the dead and still born seem better than the living,
the poor seem wiser than the rich and powerful,
though all they give them is poverty and miseries,
lack and want fill the streets, rule the crib, for real,
sickness and disease, affliction wasting human soul,
the coffin makers, grave diggers, undertakers wanted.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
why they think they can steal our precious stones,
our diamonds and gold, silver, rubies and copper,
still they feel they can steal our color and culture,
give us Ak47, tell us press the trigger and be safe,
if your brother falls, keep going, no prize for losers,
emotional slave masters, their latest philosophy.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
kid soldiers fighting battles, men fighting in parliament,
women humping, toiling at second jobs, men pimping,
if you're ever named a hero, then you're in a body bag,
because murder, murder, murder chases my sleepy head,
if you're sick, you're broke, bankrupt, next you're homeless, 
life goes on and on, grave and death the only exit to silence.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
opium planters in the poorest nations get the gallows and the bullets,
petty drug peddlers in poorer nations get life in jail, no parole,
cocaine users in powerful nations get luxuries in rehabilitation,
double standards everywhere, injustice, inequality in the church,
human dignity facing gully erosion, hurricanes and tsunamis,
you can only vouch and trust yourself in a world of billions.

I don't know why, please tell me why,
Lest I lose my mind, if I lose my mind,
I'll lose my vote, my vote is my destiny.

I Don't Know Why by Isaac 'Slimx'

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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