Don't Ask God

by Isaac 'Slimx'

Don't ask God for wisdom lest he give you folly to teach your heart.
Don't ask God for wealth lest he give you poverty to make you depend on him.
Don't ask God for vision lest he give you blindness to guide your way.
Don't ask God for strength lest he give you weakness to sustain you.
Don't ask God for protection lest he give you adversity, so he can fight for you.
Don't ask God for progress lest he give you stillness so you can know him.
Don't ask God for water lest he give you thirst, so you can seek the living water.
Don't ask God for food lest he give you hunger for righteousness.
Don't ask God for joy, lest he give you mourning to put your heart on eternity.
Don't ask God for beauty lest he give you ashes to teach you how to look inward.
Don't ask God for friends lest he give you enemies so he can be your friend.
Don't ask God for life lest he give you death to mortify your flesh.
Don't ask God for crown lest he give you a cross to save your soul.

In pride,
In selfishness,
In haughtiness,
In foolishness
In arrogance,
In self righteousness,

Don't as God for anything
Don't as God for something
Don't as God for everything
Just ask God for God. 

Don't Ask God by Isaac 'Slimx'

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