by Isaac 'Slimx'

On a windy autumn evening, I wanted a walk,
to fill my soul with the pleasures of life,
to satisfy my passions and soul desires,
cos tomorrow I may die and will be no more.

I made the move and there I went,
at a corner in groove, I met a man,
a frail looking old man with fire in his eyes
who promise me some fun fill time with
stories from ancient times.

The old man's stories were filled with fun,
it gripped my soul and took my breathe away,
I wanted more but had to leave,
cos darkness had come and the stars were rising.

Come to my house said the old man and abide with me
I have some sweet tasty pies and mixed wine
we will eat, drink, make merry and take a rest
'morrow at dawn you can take your leave.

I jumped at him with open arms,
I kiss his cheeks and felt his warm
I felt some love and hug him more
Yet the was death in his eyes I failed to see

I ate the pie and drank his mixed wine,
yet the more I ate the more I wanted
it was sweet in my mouth and bitter in my soul
I should have stop but I kept on eating and drinking.

'Morrow at dawn at the alarm of the rooster,
I tried lifting my head, my hands and legs
none of them will respond to my desires
cos my heart was pierced and my soul twisted.

I am sick, I muttered at the old man
eat a little pie with a little wine and rest a while
'morrow this time you'll be well and strong
Then you can leave, he said with a promise.

A week has gone by and I've not been well
I keep eating a little pie with a little mixed wine,
the old man dainty filled with promise
the cycle continues, the pain increases.

My heart is broken and my body full of sores,
my spirit is crush, my soul bound
by the hands of the little nice old man
whose real name is ADDICTION.

Addiction by Isaac 'Slimx'

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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