Forgotten Mission

by Inchanted Being

Politicians on a forgotten mission
Minds collapsed into thoughtless detention
Wonít even stop to listen 
To the tension
That swallows all nations
Deprived of governmental rights and sanctions
Delegated by a deceitful system
That seeks to tear out your mental
Is what we`re been facing
Feeding us lie after lie
Now you see why
We don`t want to progress
And regress
And congress
As one people
Under one nation
Under one god
Look at how many people will shake their heads and nod
To throw away "separate but equal"
Because equal we will never be
And separate is what we have always conceived
And were made to believe
Canít you see the insanity?
Behind the scenes 
Of governmental schemeís
And political bribery`s
Of countless theme`s 
And politician wanna be`s
Consistently making a mockery 
Of our nation
Steady pacing
On a forgotten mission
To fit in but pushed out
Whatís that all about?
Color or creed or just plain ole greed
What is it that you perceive?
As being just or unjust
In the nation that tell us in god we should trust
When trust we not our own
To me this stipulates a conspiracy
Cause their steadily watching me
Telling me who to be
And that concludes my theory

Forgotten Mission by Inchanted Being

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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