by Hussein

    Orange is the color of a sweet juicy fruit
    that is good for you to boot
    Orange is the color of  a California sunset
    Like a huge basketball going into the Pacific ocean's net
    Orange is the color of leaves in the fall-natures bounty
    the pretties I ever saw were in Door County
    Orange is the color of a Jack-o-lantern with cut out eyes
    oh how I miss my Aunt Lovie's  sweet potato pies
    Orange is the color of shovels on a snowy winter's day
    When I  hope and pray spring is not far away
    Orange is the color of a Reese's cup wrapper- like in a child's Easter basket
    too many will not see one this year because they lay murdered in their casket
    Orange is the color of the jumpsuits 2 million Americans wear
    some  because they have no self-respect and just don't care
    Others are pawns of a legal system that is unfair
    and the  Illuminati makes money off of them being there.

Orange by Hussein

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