My 1970's-Chicago

by Hussein

Watched movies at UA, Oriental and McVickers
the rats lived on  crumbs from my snickers

Films about pimps, drug dealers and a Black private dick
they drove caddy's,  wore furs, leathers  and talked slick

Back in real world was "Nam", Watergate and Nixion's dirty tricks
and 2 World Championships for the  Knicks

Apollo 13 never landed on the moon
and NASA killed the project way too soon

Drank Boone's Farm and Ripple
Watched Roberto Clemente who rarely hit a triple

Bought stacked heel from Flagg Brothers
Shopped Chess King, Oak Tree and others

Collected 45's and Lp's
by Smokey, The Temptations and The Three Degrees

Ate Big Macs and Whoppers
macked on the ladies about my propers

To High School was always tardy
Too busy daydreaming about the next black light party

In '74 I became a Poet
but, it took years for me to know it

With Cheryl D. I didn't need a Chevy van
or a Bar Mitzvah to become a man

Raced my '69 "El Dog" on Lake Shore Drive
Man I'm glad I am still alive

Gone are my dashiki, granny glasses and love beads
and the album covers used to separate my grass seeds

No longer need a pic or Afro Sheen
I'm bald now and  I shave my head clean

Nowadays I watch Bounce and Antennae tv
and reminisce about the old me

My 1970's-Chicago by Hussein

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