12 Questions for My Soul Mate

by Hussein

Who were you on the worst day of your life?
Who is the person I need to be to make you my wife?
What is your darkest fear?
What are the words your soul longs to hear?
When was the last time you cried tears of joy?
When will you make me your man or will I forever be your boy toy?
Where is the erogenous zone of your mind?
Where do you hide the pass code to your heart, my heart needs to find?
How can two strangers meet, then grow to love to the point their souls intertwine?
How can I arise like a Phoenix, so I might love you for another lifetime?
Why does God honor us to share this time and space?
Why is it when you hold me I am transported to a womb like place?

12 Questions for My Soul Mate by Hussein

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