You Know I Want You

by Monie T. Jackson

If you were to lay next to me
You would be able to feel
The passion that is about to explode
Place your hand here
Can you feel that?
Can you feel my hot desire?
You know I want you
So reach out to me
Feel me
Touch me
The way that you do
Amazingly romantically
You know what your touch
Does to me
Donít you
Donít you??
You know I want you
Feel me
Touch me
Tease me
The way that you do
The way your lips
With mine
So seductively
So sensually
Every cell of my body
Comes alive
My desire
Interlocks with yours
Until my desire
Becomes your desire
My passion
Is your passion
Our body flows
As if they were a part of
Each other all along
Each pleasurable touch
Yields a sensuous
Yet harmonious
Sounds of passion
Erupt and
Serenades the room
Feeling you
You feeling me
So intensely
Always takes us
To a new and different place
But a place where
Ecstasy has such a
Significant presence
Oh how your desire
Weakens me
Yet makes me stronger
At the same time
You know I want you
Donít you
Donít you.

You Know I Want You by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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