Why Can't You Love Me

by Monie T. Jackson

What stops you from loving me?
Embracing me
Accepting me
As the woman that stands before you
Wanting to adore you
I may not be that size 3 cover girl
But that doesnít mean I canít
And wonít rock your world
Donít automatically assume
Because I am thick around the waste
That Iím not tantalizing to the taste
And donít automatically think
Because my body is not fit and lean
That all I am good for is
Cooking you chicken and collard greens
And donít automatically surmise
That because thereís thickness
In my thighs
That all I am good for is
Keeping you warm on those wintry
And sure I have kids that I am raising
But does that mean that all I deserve
From you is to be boned
Do you think that all I want from you
Is to be a daddy to my kids
Why do I need that, they have a father
And he is a true man that takes care
Of his
Do you  think I am some type of
Moocher, chickenhead or a golddigger.
I suppose I shouldnít expect you to 
Think any better, go figure
What makes you think that all that I am about 
Is the diamond rings, and bling bling
I am strong, black woman who can take care
Of me, love donít cost a thing
Does my life scare you that bad, and make you
To the point that all you can offer
Me is to get laid
Despite all that I have been through
I am still a woman
A beautiful woman
I still know how to love
I still know how to give
I still know how to feel
And I have the same needs as my thinner
So donít get it twisted
Donít just use my body and then diss it.
You could be surprised
By all that is embodied in my thick 
So donít look at me in shame
My heart hasnít changed
Itís still the same
If you think that I have some
Hidden agendas, you donít think much of me
Do you
How can you be that blind when
All I want is to love you
So why canít you love me?
Could it be that Iím too much
Woman for you
Or that you are not enough 
Of a man for me?
Which could it be?

Why Can't You Love Me by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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