Ode to the Plus Sized Woman

by Monie T. Jackson

Sometimes when she looks in the mirror
She sees a woman whose passion within her overwhelms her
Sometimes even scares her
Despite all her past failings, obstacles or challenges
She still stands tall, and can still manage to crack a smile.
Although a few strands of grey taint her mane
And several extra pounds have invaded her body's frame.
She still can see herself as a beautiful woman
Well dressed and put together, carrying herself as the embodiment of royalty.
She has a smile that could warm the coldest heart
And with the sincerity that is as real as her heartbeat
She loves strong, and she loves fiercely, but always tenderly.
When she looks in the mirror, a reflection of hope shines back at her.
Even though her body does not maintain its former figure
At that moment, she tells herself there ain't no one better.
At that moment, she embraces the fullness of her body
The thickness of her hips and fullness of her thighs
The one thing that has always been consistent is the softness
Of her lips, and the deepness of her soul that swims in her dark brown eyes.
Beauty is what she sees, it is a part of who she is.
She prides herself in her engaging and warm personality
The love she contains in her heart just wants to be set free
She just wants to feel the way any other woman wants to feel.
To be loved, to be embraced.
To feel again.
But then she steps away from the mirror
And walks the hard roads of life, and finds that most don't
See her as she sees herself 
And for a moment she doesn't see herself anymore either
And although she shouldn't care what they think or feel about her
She becomes weakened by the criticism, and prejudiced opinions.
She becomes weary at the thoughts of not feeling worthy.
Not worthy of love, not worthy of happiness
Society has tainted the minds of millions, 
especially of those that she seeks acceptance from.
especially of those that she wishes to embrace her.
She feels as if the mirror gave her a false sense of self,
And the kinship that she felt with herself has been abandoned
And replaced with doubt, fear and a paralyzing uncertainty about
Who she is.
But then she has to remind herself that nothing has changed.
The image that she has of herself is still alive and still the same.
She's still strong, and beautiful.
And anyone should consider it a gift to be in her presence.
Just to be able to witness the essence of her, the quintessence of her.
She realized that despite what society may think of her.
Despite where she ranks per the opinions of those around her.
She still beautiful, she still radiant, and her heart still beats the same
Love flows through her like a flowing waterfall.
Anyone would be lucky to be drenched in the midst of her rainfall
The world is not doing her a favor by allowing her in it.
She's doing the world a favor by being who she is.
A beautiful, black, volumptuous, full-figured woman.
A woman filled with love
A woman filled with tenderness
A woman

Ode to the Plus Sized Woman by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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