Just My Imagination

by Monie T. Jackson

 A soothing fall breezed filled the night and filtered
Sweet comfort in my room
Soft rhythmic sounds of love-making music 
Serenaded the night
Even the R
Joined us that night to contribute to the mood
Massaging all the stresses that had infected me 
Earlier that day
The smell of his cologne was so intoxicating
Like an aphrodisiac
Wine or any alcoholic spirit was not even necessary
He was all the vice I needed
I craved and fantasized about his touch all day
It was what got me through the day
When he pulled me close to him, it was 
Everything I had imagined it would be an more
The relief I felt when I was in his arms just 
Consoled my spirit
He restored and refreshed my passion
Setting my desire for him ablaze
But just one kiss
One touch
One embrace
My body just found solace in his closeness
I felt his heartbeat join hands with mine
If I could just freeze this point in time
I couldn’t get enough of him, and he couldn’t get
Enough of me
I was so hungry, famished, starving for 
What I knew to be the sweetest love
Our bodies seemed to absorb each other and 
Become one just as our souls had
The love we shared cemented our passion
And ignited our affectionate appetite
With him – all was alright.
He made love to me in every way – every way
It never was about pleasuring or tantalizing
The flesh that embodies our souls
But it was about uniting our souls
He loved me in and out, and in and out
And in and out
Our passion heightened to such a frenzy
We could not longer contain ourselves
Its intensity overwhelmed us both
All we could do was surrender
Surrender and submerge in the sweetest, exquisite ecstasy
Drenched in gratifying pleasure
Complete pleasure
Our souls cleansed and renewed

I opened my eyes – to see inside his soul

But all I saw was 5:45 am

Damn that alarm clock

Just My Imagination by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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