I Needed Him

by Monie T. Jackson

Anticipation had driven us
To this point
A point of no return
Thereís no turning back
As I feel his hands caress
The small of my back
As he softly, gently
Caresses my lips with his lips.
His mouth making love
To mine
Desire overwhelming
It had consumed all
Our thoughts and minds
For some time
I could feel that he 
Wanted me
And that just drew me in
Closer to him.
I pulled him closer into me
He pulled me closer to him.
I needed him
He needed me
His fingers, his hands
Traveled aimlessly
Across my Loveland
From the hills to the valleys
And with each city and town
He visited
I welcomed him 
And embraced his arrivals
Soothing ooohs and ahhhs
And he continued his travels
And I curiously allowed
My hands to travel also
Familiarizing myself
With new lands and places
Kissing him softly all along
Gently caressing his face.
And he welcomed me
With open arms
Both feeling safe in new surroundings
Not feeling any harm
As minutes passed
The intensity of the newness
Within us both
I could feel that 
He wanted to find
Solace in a new home
And I opened up to take
Him in graciously
And I wanted to make 
Him feel right at home
Moving with him
Helping him get
Adjusted and familiar
By his new surroundings
I think he likes it here.
My home like a warm
Comforting him
Embracing him fully
And the more I 
The more he wanted
More of this wonderful
New place that he 
Has found
Didnít want him to leave
Wanted him to continue
To take the beautifully scenic tours
Through the hallways of passion
Throughout my many
Rooms of ecstasy
Such a wondrous sensation
When we met our
Final destination
Itís as if we had escaped
To a tropical paradise
An exotic getaway
Of excitement
Each new trip was
A pleasurable surprise.
And then we looked
Into each otherís eyes
And realized there was
Not other place
That we needed or wanted 
To be
I knew I needed him
And he needed me.

I Needed Him by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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