Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

by Monique "Deep Inside" Hughes

Why do you hate me so
I never did a damn thing to you
But if I wanted to pull a rap sheet
You would have one from here to Kalamazoo
All the crimes you've perpetrated on me
And on those like me and before me.
You should serve 1000's of life sentences
For all your sins, for being so sick and demented
Completely twisted
What's the charges?
Where do I begin with your sins
Kidnapping - for I was not in your custody,
I had my own country
Carrying hostages from one side of the ocean
To the other
Stealing land from my copperskinned brother
Beatings, lynchings, murders of all kinds
Separations of families, trying to strip our minds
Treating us worse than animals
Just to make you feel significant and tall
Sodomy, rape - selling us like cattle
Didn't want to call us human, but you 
Sent us on frontline in countless battles
To win land that was what?
Not yours in the first place
What a disgrace.
I could go on and on and on with this
These capital cases that would never make the judges list
Why do you hate me so?
I never did anything to you
Not one damn thing
But now that I'm here
What is it that you fear
My intelligence
My style
My grace
My perseverance
The fact that no matter what you have done
Or intend to do.
I still overcome
I still shine through
I mean - you can check out the stats
Give us our respect due and congrats
We come from royalty, from Kings and Queens, from Godliness
Yet you do your best to make us feel less
You continue to take from us the harder we strive
To stay alive

You make more than us on our jobs - when you can barely count to five
You constantly bring in poison in my neighborhoods to kill us off
Failing to educate, but forcing us to become murderers or our on kind
Giving us this false sense prosperity is obtained by poisoning for profit
- a twisted plot of homicide
Still murder on your minds
still unleashing crimes -- All the time
You have beaten our men
Imprisoned our men
Killed our men
Continue to strip them of their dignity and pride
Making them feel the only way they can have acceptance
Is by having a white woman on their side
And all I can do is cry - because my home is still divided
Just as it was when you brought us here over 200 years ago
- husbands, providers, forgone
Forcing us to hold our own - forced to be head of our homes
Unity - a concept we have never truly known and may never ever know
Because in order for you to feel superior
Is by making us inferior
It's time to let go your fear, my dear
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
Don't hate me because I'm black
Don't hate me because I'm a woman
Don't hate me because I am creator of kings and queens, lords, and knights
So why don't you give up this fight
Let me be - let me free!!! 

Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful by Monique "Deep Inside" Hughes

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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