Believing Again

by Monie T. Jackson

 How tragic it is when you find out
That you invested your emotions

In someone that is emotionally bankrupt

You dedicated years

On top of years

On top of years

On top of years

To someone that never was truly

Dedicated to you

Yet he professed your love was like

No other

Claimed he wore your love as a garment

But what he spoke was not what he meant
He just fed you enough crumbs

To keep you craving

Keep you savoring

Keep you wanting

Something that would never fill you

Or fulfill you

How disappointing it is when you find out

That you sacrificed all hopes for

Real love and happiness

Because you held on to what you know now

Was a just fairytale

You held on to find out his love was never


Never real

You uncover how he truly feels

By their actions

Or lack of

There was no love Ė never Ė not even an ounce of it

For over two decades

Your head was high up in the clouds

The horrid truth 

crashes into you

like a thunderstorm

Causes you to freefall

And fall

And fall

Without a parachute.

You sustain countless injuries

Pieces of you damaged beyond recognition

Your heart sinks to the bottom of your soul

Like the Titanic did to the oceanís floor.

The diagnosis is not good

You are paralyzed completely

Itís unknown if your heart will feel



As you try to rehabilitate

You wonder and speculate

How different your life could have been

If you could have stumbled upon a clue back then

You had love, it was all yours

but let it go

Thinking the real brass ring was on the

Other side

You let go one love only to embrace a lie.

I guess itís your own fault

You only have you to blame

The life you had

Is now part of the portrait of your past

All your heart can do is cry

And mourn the loss of your

Would haveís

Could haveís

Should have's

Now somehow you have to brush yourself off

And attempt to move on.

Take that step

towards something new

Stand on the legs of hope

Even though you fear optimism

Because your heart is ravaged 

with pessimism

But you know you canít reclaim years lost

Nor can you redo the script

But with that being said

How do you change your ending

When you heart is a long ways from mending

Will you ever truly be able to embrace


Believe again

Truly breathe again

Will you be able to decipher what is real

Against what is not

Will you ever be able to reinvest yourself

Your heart

As you reinvent Yourself

And your heart?

Can you renew


Believing Again by Monie T. Jackson

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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