Hurts So Good

by Hott Koko

Hurt me in the worst way
confuse me with those foolish games you play
Break me down with your lies
pierce through my soul with the coldness in your eyes
Just hurt me
hurt me so bad that somehow it feels good
Let go?
I donít know
even if I could Iím not sure I would
because Iím addicted
so sick and twisted it may seem
At the end of the day I lie comforted
in this nightmare that I call a dream
You pull me to the depths of Hell
and lift me heights of Heaven
Iím caught in your web of everchanging emotion
365, 24/7
But still I canít find a reason to leave
I call it devotion
others say Iím naive
Iím just in love
so deep that I canít manage my way back on top
Youíve offered to go
but I always beg you to stop
My blessing as well as my mistake
your kiss I canít shake
Unleash me from these chains of shame
Is it you, myself
or love that I should blame?
Let you go?
Never, no
even if I could
because itís been so long
and hurts so good

Hurts So Good by Hott Koko

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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