by Daryl E. Horton

I pray to God these eyes behold
a woman beautiful and bold
from the flesh to the soul
Iíd hold let love control
let these fingers so simple
caress those lovely nipples
I get pimples
thinking about this
thinking about tits
thinking about these lips
involved in a kiss
and those hips that roll and dip
with full motion
use oil not lotion
the true love potion
rub deep
let the oil seep
you remind me of my jeep
something like my sound
soft and brown
voluptuous breast round
Iím about to go to town
you deserve the crown
of a queen
Iíll be your king
God I hope this isnít a dream
Iíll settle for a little less
than what it seems
as long as weíre on the same team
the same note
the same quote
I promise to rock the boat
do you drive stick shift
hop on this and show me how you move
from first to fifth
then down shift
keeping your eyes on the streets
as you ride the stick in neutral
the feeling is mutual
I find our present situation suitable
for whatever
our endeavor may be
thereís nothing better
than a little TLC.

TLC byDaryl E. Horton

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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