The Beauty of Creation

by Abolitionist

The beauty of my black skin, of which is built-in 
the energy burning within got me feeling like a kingpin, 
am I dreaming as I take-in and begin replacing, 
cells phasing to the next level of creation, like mutations 
spawning new formations, and out of the depths of the soul 
the symbols rearranging into new equations, 
something temporarily disturbs my concentration, few seconds later 
Iím back in meditation, I take a deep breath 
as my mind begins its exploration searching for the elixir of 
immortality and rejuvenation, just a word spurns the growth of a nation, 
the germination of an entire population of dark skin and wide chest, 
I stare in fascination at the wide hips and thick breast, 
this far exceeds my expectations of beauty in the flesh, 
the replication of the spiritual, a publication of a miracle, 
itís like lyrical manifestations expressing my salvation, 
I dream ideations that travel through the mind catapulting me 
into another transformation, I sprout arms and legs as I begin 
my adaptation in this atmosphere of tribulation, a child of God 
walking amongst the children of abomination and in anticipation 
patiently awaiting vindication for violations committed by the seed of profanation,
trapped amongst this wicked civilization I begin my transmigration, 
the past the present the future the past, when at last will we receive reparations 
for the barbarization of the holiest creation,  I am God incarnation, 
word made flesh through verbal incantations, 
black people express jubilation at my manifestation, 
the fulfillment of prophetic documentation, biblical scriptures which predict 
my visitation upon the earth, the revelation of my birth, 
the dispensation of my curse, upon this universe of perverse legislation 
who disregard the biblical laws and administrations, 
there is no explanation for this spiritual devastation caused by the lack of education, 
itís like mental strangulation causing suffocation of the limbs, 
lacerations in the skin, in need of relaxation and vitamins, 
all I can provide is a demonstration of how to live right, 
and avoid the temptations of the night, the starvation of our sight, 
so that we see Christ. 

The Beauty of Creation by Abolitionist

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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