Daily Confinements In Life Have Me Wondering

by Subconscious

Daily reflections have me wondering…



What is it that we truly desire

in this world?


I believe

it is an undeniable burning desire to

Escape                     Escape


Escape   Escape    Escape

Escape              Escape                                                         Escape


Escape         Escape

escape this world of metaphysical confinement;

this world of mental enslavement;

this world of ignorant, 2-dimensional repetitious bullcrap

where we

Break forth from the cells of humanity

Like viruses bubbling from the gene pool of natural selection 

Attempting to

Look beyond

Past                          Past

Clear of

Outside   Outside    Outsdie

Afar                 Within                                                         Away From

Further than

Ahead of    Ahead of


In search of something other than what can be seen right before our eyes.



And in searching

We seek a level of spirituality

that allows us to live in truth with

limitless understanding and

without the continuous and constant questioning of life

because life is…

Life Is                       Life Is


Life is   What    Life is

Life is        What                                                            Life is


Life is                      What…


it just is.


And we find our souls as empty as full bellies –

bloated with ignorance instead of knowledge

Producing within our souls a desire to exist without

the shackles of curiosity or

the binding ties of feelings,

the insanity of hope, or

the putrid stench of faith that

compels us to run around in circles

chasing apparitions and hypothesis of what ifs

because what ifs is really all we have

in a world so concrete in its inventions

we cling blindly to anything

possessing even the slightest form of abstract thought.


It’s a journey we must all make and yet

Many of us will perish in a perpetual state of sanity

Because sanity is the paradigm of servitude

It is the rhythm of the subliminal music we listen to that tells us

There is nothing beyond the barriers of acceptance

Look no further, but

Those of us who have approached

this understanding

regardless of the angle

or rather prism

we see it through

attempt to grasp hold of insanity because

insanity means you are not in sanity but rather in the reality beyond the barriers and

we quench our thirst  for a world without barriers or limitations by

shunning the futile existence of the sane

drowning ourselves in mind deluding creations   


– in an attempt to escape –

– if only for a second –

just to escape this prison

we call



Daily Confinements In Life Have Me Wondering by Subconscious

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